The Hypothetical Hour* Episode 7: Alumium BinChicken Superhero

One year in the making, the next enthralling episode of The Hypothetical Hour, brought to you by FoolishWorks!

This weeks Scenarios: President of a former British Colony, The New Australian Flag, and The makings of a Superhero team!

Recorded April 2017

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  1. Dark Wolfe

    The “support as instigator, hiring all the villains” you guys are trying to remember is actually from a Batman comic, fully published by DC, But I can’t remember if it was Cannon. Neil Gaiman wrote it, it’s called “Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader?”
    It’s a bunch of friends and enemies of Batman telling Eulogies at Batman’s Funeral.
    When Alfred steps up he claims that master Bruce lost his damned mind after his parents died and tried to go full Vigilante, but was shit. So Alfred broke out the ole greasepaint and hit up some retired actor friends to be a recurring cast of villains the ‘Batman’ could beat.

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